Ronald P. Avoids Shoulder Replacement With Regenerative Medicine

I came to them with an end stage (bone on bone) shoulder problem. I had been to 3 top surgeons including a professor of shoulder surgery regarding should replacement and they all said this was necessary. I was in a position of not wishing to do any non-life threatening surgery I had consultations with the doctors in this group and had the procedure done 7 months ago. What an amazing result. I recently had a chest X-ray and the report captured my shoulder and read “minor” shoulder damage. The procedure has been a complete success. I’m so glad that I didn’t go thru with the shoulder replacement. Lastly the entire staff are not only true professionals but are outstanding each at what they do…I would do this over again and recommend this office and the procedure to anyone. Thanks so much for what you do!

– Ronald P. 

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