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Joan M.

  • Pelvic Bones
Finally relief! I was suffering from inflammation of my pelvic bones for 10 months (including 5 doctors and various screening tests) when I finally made my way to Dr. Malanga’s care. He examined me, and prescribed anti-inflammatory supplements and physical therapy. After a month of following his treatment plan, I am essentially pain free! I wish I had seen him sooner. Now I hope to restore my strength through therapy and Dr. Malanga’s guidance.

Denise L.

  • Meniscus Tears, Bone on Bone Arthritis and Baker Cysts
Performed by Gerard Malanga, MD - 9 Month Follow-Up I had Lipogems procedure done 9 months ago on my left knee, 3 meniscus tears, bone on bone arthritis, 3 bakers cysts. I am fully healed, meniscus tissue regenerated, bakers cysts dissipated, and smooth surface on formally arthritic joint. Could not say more positive feedback ABOUT this Lipogems. My life is so much better, NO pain climbing 2 flights of stairs to enter my home, RESUMED walking on the beach. Thank you Dr. MALANGA.

Richard L.

  • Both Shoulders

Last year I slipped on a small patch of ice and tore my right rotator cuff. The left one I had previously torn, but I am not exactly sure how I did it. While the pain was not usually too bad during the day, I couldn't do things like play basketball with my 15-year-old son or do any type of exercise that used my shoulders. Night time was horrible...l usually slept on my sides, but because of my injuries, I could barely sleep at all. No matter what position I tried to sleep in, I was in constant pain. I started drinking and taking sleeping pills at night just to get 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Not a good way to live.

When I heard about New Jersey Regenerative Medicine, the first person I spoke with was Amy Kaslander. She was absolutely wonderful. She explained what they did there and invited me to a free seminar that was led by Dr. Thomas Agesen.

Of course I was extremely skeptical, but I went and listened to what they had to say. With Rotator Cuff surgery, you are out of work for 6 weeks and then you lose mobility for 4 to 6 months. They will only operate on 1 shoulder at a time...that means losing 8 months to a year for recovery plus a lot of physical therapy.

When I spoke with Dr. Agesen, he told me that I would be out of work for two weeks only. After that I would have use of both my shoulders. Total recovery is 6 months. But as a chef, I would still be able to do my work within two weeks. He told me that my shoulders would heal by 80%.

I had my Lipogems procedure done on July 5, 2016. It was performed by Dr. Agesen and Dr. Dunn. Both doctors had a great bed side manner and made me feel very comfortable. The procedure took less then 3 hours for both shoulders. In retrospect, if you are highly active, I would probably allow 3 weeks for recovery....2 weeks was definitely not enough.

It is 9 months later. My shoulders are probably 99% better. I get a small jolt once in a while if I move a certain way. Other than that, I have full, 100% range of motion in both shoulders. I have 80% of my strength back. The two best parts...l am now sleeping at night with absolutely no pain whatsoever and more importantly, I can now play basketball with my son without any pain.

I highly recommend New Jersey Regenerative Institute.

I cannot thank Dr. Agesen, Dr. Dunn and of course Amy, enough.

Diane B

  • Bone on Bone Knee

On January 27, 2017, I was scheduled for a knee replacement after I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that my knee was "bone on bone". He told me not even a cortisone shot would give me relief. At 62, I was finding it difficult to go up and down stairs without pain and I had stopped practicing yoga which I had been doing for the past five years. I started researching online alternatives to knee replacement and with x-rays in hand, I met with Dr. Agesen at the New Jersey Regenerative Institute. He looked at my x-rays and told me that I was a candidate for Lipogems.

It is now 8 weeks later and a visit with Dr. Agesen yesterday has put me on a path to a full recovery. I feel I have 85% recovery and hopefully with another month of stem cell growth, I will be even better. Going up and down stairs is no longer a problem. I do feel some tenderness,but nothing like before this procedure.

The staff has been wonderful, answering any questions that I had…even when I called 4 weeks out and felt discouraged. After 4 weeks, each day has shown improvement and I am looking forward to resuming my activities like bike riding and yoga.

I am so happy that I did not go down the surgery path, avoiding months of recuperation and possible complications. I have already recommended Lipogems to a number of people who were also thinking that surgery was their only option. I am happy that my body is healing itself with the help of Lipogems!

Catherine Roy

  • PRP

Happy holidays, Dr. Bowen! As I’m pulling together end of year paperwork for health claims & taxes, I am again struck by the inarguable fact that the best medical care I received this year was not acknowledged or covered by insurance.

My quality of life was hugely improved this year by new medical experiences, starting with your PRP shots on January 6th, then you sending me to Dimitry Polyakov for his expertise in NKT, plus the art-and-science custom orthotics handmade by Michael Pezzotta in Denville which have also helped to stabilize my low back & posture.

Since you last saw me, I played tennis 3x/week May through October, added pickleball weekly starting in September, biked almost every weekend, & I’ve also started substituting on an indoor tennis team. So THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH.

I’ve told so many people about you & PRP that I hope it’s gotten you some new customers!

Have a happy new year & thank you again


  • Back and Ankle
I have been a patient of Dr. Malanga for over a decade. Upon meeting him I was in chronic long term back pain due to an auto accident. Through his counsel, he told me “I had to work through the pain.” Dr. Malanga administered Regenerative Cellular Therapy on me. Additionally, I had been going to physical therapy and doing 50 minutes of daily yoga and back exercises. I am now able to function much better, controlling discomfort with massage, meditation, exercises and yoga. Thanks to Dr. Malanga for insisting that I be an active participant in managing my back pain. I am presently having PRP on little tears in my ankle tendons. As a result, I have avoided having to have surgery.

Benny C.

  • Knees
Meeting Dr. Bowen and having the Lipogems procedure has been a miracle in my life. I went from having unbearable stabbing pain in my knees from basic function like walking to running painlessly. Highly recommended to all. Every step of this process from A-Z has been pleasurable and professional!

Mary Jane

  • PRP
I have noticed with PRP that I have had significant improvement in my pain, stiffness and function. I would definitely say it is worth a try.


  • Consultation with Dr. Agesen
I give you guys a 10 out of 10 for my visit. Really took the time to explain what’s gone on with my knee...just in human terms. He took the details from the MRI and overlaid them. Now I understand technically what happened and more importantly know this isn’t something that is ever going to go away on its own. Totally would recommend you guys.


  • Left Hip

Prior to having this Stem Cell Therapy, my pain was a 10, and now it is a 1! I walk over 30 min/day, I swim and I weight train. I’m able to sleep well on my left side.

I plan on having the same procedure on my right hip. Dr. Agesen is a very skillful physician and this procedure was very effective. He gets a 10 in my book!


  • Both Knees
I did it!! I played volleyball tonight and it's a miracle all thanks to you guys! My knee feels great and I was able to move really quickly on my feet again with all of the agility involved. I couldn't jump as high, but I can't expect that much from my first time. I attached a picture from after the open gym. Thank you so much for all you do, and I can't wait to keep improving after this PRP dose next Friday!!

Adrienne Lee

  • Achilles Tendon
I came to Dr. Malanga after years of suffering from Achilles tendonitis, ( I have been a runner for many years). I had tried all types of traditional treatment with no long term success (physical therapy, steroid injections as well as Tenex Fast procedure). I reviewed in great detail with Dr. Malanga my history on my Achilles problem, my life style and goal to get back to all activities and most importantly to be pain free. Dr. Malanga had recommended Platelet Rich Plasma-PRP injection therapy. I had no reservation about this procedure and knew that I was in the best care possible. After 5 weeks I am joyful to say that I have 85% improvement. I look forward to making additional progress over the next few weeks. Dr. Malanga and his staff made me feel comfortable during and after the treatment. If required, I would do PRP injection therapy again.

Joseph Schleifer

  • Left Shoulder
I am 80 years old. I had my right shoulder replaced. Simultaneously, my left shoulder was bone on bone, and I could not lift it higher than my elbow. I did not want another major operation in the same year. As an alternate, I went to see Dr. Malanga and we decided on Stem cells to grow the cartilage. I follow his instructions to the letter of the law. At the end of 3 months of treatment, I had full use of my left arm. I could wash my hair, clean my ears, put my belt in and reach the center of my back! All of which I could not do prior to the Stem Cell procedure. I highly recommend it if you are a positive thinker. In my opinion, you can make it work.

David Garrard, NFL Quarterback

  • Both Knees

As an NFL athlete I have access to the best medical care available throughout the United States and around the world. When an NFL football player has an injury, it is important to get the best care possible that will allow him to return to play as soon as possible. Over the past 2 years, I had a right knee injury involving my cartilage that has been treated with a variety of treatments that included medications, physical therapy, and exercises, injections and arthroscopic surgery. Unfortunately, this failed to resolve my recurrent knee pain and swelling which interfered with my ability to perform at the highest level. My options at that point were quite limited and included additional surgery.

After exploring the options of using my own stem cells to treat this process, I was fortunate to be referred to the physicians at New Jersey Regenerative Institute. I underwent a treatment process that included using my own stem cells along with super concentrated platelets to stimulate the healing of my cartilage injury. These procedures were performed at a state of the art facility using enhanced guidance such as fluoroscopy and ultrasound to directly place my stem cells into the injured area of my knee. The procedure did not require hospitalization, anesthesia or any type of incision. I was surprised by how little pain there was both at the time of harvesting my stem cells as well as at the time of the injection procedure. There was very minimal downtime following this procedure and I was back to running and jumping and other strenuous activities 6 weeks after the procedure.

I am happy to say that now several months following this procedure, my knee feels totally normal. I am able to perform all normal daily activities without any pain or swelling. In addition, I am now been able to return to strenuous sports activities that involve running, jumping, cutting and aggressive exercise without pain and without the need for any medication such as anti-inflammatories.

I am very grateful to Dr. Malanga and his staff for their dedication in providing the highest level of available care that is at the cutting edge of nonoperative orthopedic treatment. I would highly recommend them to any one at any level of sports capability who is looking for a nonoperative solution for an injury such as mine.

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