New Jersey Regenerative Institute

Regenerative Medicine & Nonsurgical Orthopedic Care

New Jersey Regenerative Institute is a medical practice specializing in regenerative medicine for sports, spine, and orthopedic injuries. Formed by Gerard Malanga, MD, Jay E. Bowen, DO, and Thomas Agesen, MD, the Cedar Knolls, NJ practice has become a haven for patients seeking pain relief from acute and chronic pain.

Our goal is to treat each patient as a whole person and create personalized treatment plans that suit their individual needs. We focus less on their patients’ pain symptoms, and more on what is causing them. These practices help treat the root of every patient’s pain, using regenerative medicine such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), ozone therapy, spinal injections, and prolotherapy to alleviate pain.

As a team, Drs. Malanga, Bowen, and Agesen have garnered excellent results in treating patients who want to avoid surgical procedures like knee and hip replacements, especially in younger patients. Our doctors are committed to monitoring and recording their patients’ improvements throughout the course of their treatments, allowing them to tailor their treatment plans to suit each patient’s unique needs.