Do you have neck or back pain and a “slipped disc”?

If you have had traditional treatment and continue with neck or back pain with/without arm or leg symptoms, there are options before surgery.  Usually, spine pain is initially treated with conservative care consisting of relative rest, acupuncture, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, etc.  If people continue with pain and a spinal MRI demonstrates a disc herniation, a steroid/cortisone epidural injection is recommended.  Steroids can cause significant increase in blood pressure and/or blood sugar as side effects or are limitations of their use.  The FDA has said steroids are not indicated for epidural use despite common administration.  Regenerative treatments are a viable option to steroid injections.  A recent study demonstrated 87% success with use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections to the spine with lasting benefit up to 8 years.  At NJRI, we focus on improving one’s intrinsic ability to heal and regenerative treatments are a good option. – Jay E. Bowen, DO

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