Blog Don’t suffer if your complaint is unusual and not quickly/easily identified!

The traditional medical system does not encourage listening, but reviews of tests and images like MRI’s or X-rays. While these tests are good, they do not replace careful listening and examination. Generally, treatments given to patient’s can be a quick prescription, surgery, or if unusual then it’s “in their heads”. Suffering or surgery are not the only options for pain resulting from orthopedic injuries/conditions. Prolotherapy/Prolozone® or a Regenerative Procedure are often successful for patient’s with orthopedic injuries. Check out our website or come in for a consultation!

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NJ Commission Grant for MFAT-SCI Clinical Trial Funded

Drs. Malanga and Bowen have been collaborating with the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation to help patients with spinal cord injuries. With a team of other doctors (with quite a few being from Kessler), they have gotten funding for a SCI trial.