Are You Not Good Enough?

Since there is essentially no research on these substances for orthopedic issues we at NJRI have tried to partner with industry to determine if there is true benefit and when amniotic or other tissue would be applicable or better used in treatment.  As now, there is some data on using one’s own bone marrow or adipose without risk of disease transmission and lower cost. It is unknown if these perinatal substances actually have superiority to our own cells and we stay consistent with medicine’s edict: above all do no harm.  – Jay E. Bowen, DO [Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2018 Jun]

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NJ Commission Grant for MFAT-SCI Clinical Trial Funded

Drs. Malanga and Bowen have been collaborating with the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation to help patients with spinal cord injuries. With a team of other doctors (with quite a few being from Kessler), they have gotten funding for a SCI trial.