Cervigard FHP Collar

LATEST NEWS: Kessler Foundation Receives Award From Geneva Foundation For Cervigard FHP Neck Collar Study in Active Duty Personnel

Tired of finding no relief for your chronic migraines and neck pain? The Cervigard FHP Neck Collar has arrived! For just 20 minutes of wear a day, the collar effectively treats those symptoms by training your neck to be in the correct position.

Unfortunately, most people that suffer from neck pain do not find long term relief with traditional therapies. With people constantly looking down for their work or spending hours on their smart phones, neck pain (or text neck) is becoming a huge issue. With this revolutionary new product that our Dr. Gerard Malanga is the Medical Consultant and Director of Research of, patients will have improved productivity at their jobs, avoid spinal surgery/epidural injections, reduce reliance on pharmaceutical aids and save money on ergonomic products that promise to correct the issue.

To find out more, please go to Cervigard’s website, watch the videos below and ask one of our physicians at your next office visit.

Cervigard Instructions and Protocol

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