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New Jersey Regenerative Institute provides non-surgical treatment for various musculoskeletal conditions, and specializes in using the patients’ own body to heal. This consists of either growth factors from the patients’ peripheral blood as in a routine blood draw, or from the pericytes/mesenchymal stem cells from a fat or bone marrow harvest.

There are a variety of regenerative cellular procedures that have been performed to date, but the most prominent ones the NJRI performs are platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP)bone marrow aspirate concentrate injections (BMAC) and lipoaspirate injections (Lipogems). Sometimes, the clinic supplements these procedures with prolotherapy (dextrose) injectionsmedical-grade ozone injections, or sam Sport® device.

Many of these procedures are unfortunately not covered by insurance companies, the reason being that although they are approved to be safe, they are still considered experimental in the United States due to the lack of outcomes data. The purpose of this database is to gather subjective and objective data on all of New Jersey Regenerative Institute’s patients who underwent any regenerative procedure, and monitor their improvement over time. This includes eight different validated functional measurements pertaining to a variety of body parts, as well as pain scores. Outcome forms will be filled out by patients through an easy electronic form every three, six, twelve and twenty-four months. With this longitudinal data, it will assist in patient recommendations, treatment choice, and improve the recognition of regenerative medicine to the FDA and insurance companies to change the face of medicine as we know it.


Regenerative Outcomes Database

This Regenerative Outcomes Database will not only serve as a vital tool in presenting reliable data to the FDA, it will also help our physicians more accurately describe patient risk and their successes performing these procedures as well as making decisions about what works best for a specific patient population. By recording demographics such as sex, age, BMI, treatment rendered and diagnosis, New Jersey Regenerative Institute will be able to evaluate these data in order to personalize their treatment strategy for the best possible outcome.

The physicians of New Jersey Regenerative Institute will be making the database available to other healthcare providers to increase the impact of the data and plan to collaborate with other physicians nation-wide to help promote these extremely effective and efficient therapies to ultimately help patients avoid invasive surgery and improve their quality of life.

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