Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tear Clinical Study

New Jersey Regenerative Institute is recruiting patients with shoulder pain to participate in the InGeneron Partial Thickness Rotator Cuff Tear Study. 

This FDA approved clinical study uses an investigational device to isolate and injects the patient’s own regenerative cells into the rotator cuff tear that may potentially stimulate and regenerate the damaged tendon. The use of regenerative cells is investigational and is being compared to a steroid injection control treatment.

To participate you must be between the ages of 30 to 75, demonstrate clinical symptoms of a partial-thickness rotator cuff tear and pass a screening visit. Once you pass the screening tests, you will be randomly enrolled in either the treatment or control group.

Benefits to your participation are not guaranteed, but you could potentially see improved function and decreased pain in your injured rotator cuff, which could improve your overall quality of life.

Participation will include study exams, laboratory tests, liposuction, a single injection and shoulder MRIs, at no cost to you. Compensation for your time and travel is provided. 

If you have questions or are interested in being a potential candidate for the trial, please submit your contact information via this form and a research team member will contact you about our study.