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David Garrard, NFL Quarterback

  • Both Knees

As an NFL athlete I have access to the best medical care available throughout the United States and around the world. When an NFL football player has an injury, it is important to get the best care possible that will allow him to return to play as soon as possible. Over the past 2 years, I had a right knee injury involving my cartilage that has been treated with a variety of treatments that included medications, physical therapy, and exercises, injections and arthroscopic surgery. Unfortunately, this failed to resolve my recurrent knee pain and swelling which interfered with my ability to perform at the highest level. My options at that point were quite limited and included additional surgery.

After exploring the options of using my own stem cells to treat this process, I was fortunate to be referred to the physicians at New Jersey Regenerative Institute. I underwent a treatment process that included using my own stem cells along with super concentrated platelets to stimulate the healing of my cartilage injury. These procedures were performed at a state of the art facility using enhanced guidance such as fluoroscopy and ultrasound to directly place my stem cells into the injured area of my knee. The procedure did not require hospitalization, anesthesia or any type of incision. I was surprised by how little pain there was both at the time of harvesting my stem cells as well as at the time of the injection procedure. There was very minimal downtime following this procedure and I was back to running and jumping and other strenuous activities 6 weeks after the procedure.

I am happy to say that now several months following this procedure, my knee feels totally normal. I am able to perform all normal daily activities without any pain or swelling. In addition, I am now been able to return to strenuous sports activities that involve running, jumping, cutting and aggressive exercise without pain and without the need for any medication such as anti-inflammatories.

I am very grateful to Dr. Malanga and his staff for their dedication in providing the highest level of available care that is at the cutting edge of nonoperative orthopedic treatment. I would highly recommend them to any one at any level of sports capability who is looking for a nonoperative solution for an injury such as mine.

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