There is an Opiate Epidemic if You Hadn’t Heard

The US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) has created a Task Force for Best Practices in Pain Management that recently published their draft recommendations. These recommendations included minimally invasive interventional procedures and complementary/integrative health with innovation and research. This is the approach New Jersey Regenerative Institute has long used to try an address the root cause of patient’s distress for orthopedic problems to minimize the need for opiates. We provide an alternative to usual care that often will not provide the desired outcome, people are not candidates for the routine treatments, or for patients who refuse recommendations for care just because their health insurance company “covers it”. If you have an orthopedic issue such as arthritis (cartilage degeneration) or a tendon (rotator cuff) problem, consider a consultation to discuss your options from the usual to cutting edge.

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