Michael does 5 Day Trek to the Mt. Everest Region after PRP Therapy on Knees

Hi, I am recently back from a business trip to Kathmandu.  While I was there I had a chance to take 5 days to do a short trek to the Mt Everest region.  No, I didn’t try to summit Everest, but I did get close enough to get some good photos and enjoy the spectacular mountains.

These were taken from the Tenzing Memorial just above Namche Bazaar – he was the sherpa with Edmund Hillary that first summited Everest in 1953.  Great views of Everest off in the distance.  The one photo with a close up is the top of Everest.  The other shows two peaks, Lhotse on the right and Everest on the left.

I do want to thank you (Amy Kaslander) and Dr. Malanga for your expertise, your kind care, and treatment with my knees – it went great, spent 4 days on the trek and 5-6 hours of walking each day; and constantly up and down!!!  I can’t thank you enough for your help; not sure I could have done it without you!

All the best,


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