Cortisone for Your Knee Arthritis??

Cortisone was identified in the 1935 and isolated in the late 1940’s by three groups with Edward Kendall at the Mayo Clinic receiving the Nobel Prize in 1950, but despite this time there still remains a lack of conclusive evidence for use in knee osteoarthrosis (degenerative joint disease).  

A recent study from Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical Schoolnoted steroid/cortisone injections to arthritis knee likely increased the risk of knee degeneration as noted on x-rays and was worse with repeated steroid administration.  Also, the general expected duration of effect is only about 6 weeks for an injection.

If you have failed cortisone injections, want to avoid them due to young age or the side effects of increased blood pressure or sugar levels if you are a diabetic, then consider regenerative options that we offer at New Jersey Regenerative Institute.

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